Frequently Asked Questions

Are their Fees?

Peple is a platform to connect you to Job Seekers in your local area. We don't charge you anything, we just want to help get you the people you need.

Do Job Seekers work for you?

Nope, they are their own bosses (Independent Contractors). Our Job Seekers are users just like you who are looking for a little extra income or their next career.

Do you have a mobile app for Android or iOS?

We don't have a distinct mobile application for Peple. Our website is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) which is really a fancy term for a website that works well on mobile AND on a computer. At the bottom of the page you will see a button that says "Add Peple to Home screen" which adds an application version of our website right on your mobile device and you can use it just like any other application.

How do you make money?

Well, we really don't, not yet! We do have a plan that will not increase the price you pay for getting the help you need!

Is the Job Seeker insured?

Our Job Seekers are users just like you, if insurance is important to you, please send them a message and ask!

How do I become a Job Seeker

It's pretty easy, just click here.

What is the verified status?

We use a third-party to verify the information of the Job Seeker for us. Although it's not a direct criminal record search, it searches over 200,000 databases from over 240 countries looking for criminal records, court decisions, negative press, social profiles, public biographies, past employment and more.

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