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The Problem

Finding the right people you need is hard, whether you’re looking for an extra set of hands or your next great hire. You look for this help by posting ads online, asking around or posting notices in your window. This process, albeit the add in of technology, has not changed in decades. Job posts can receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes and some posts may receive only a handful – all from the wrong people. The entire process is passive, even though your need might be immediate. You wind up having to wait for the right people to show up.

The recruiting industry was formed to make hiring a more active undertaking, and a recruiter’s services are available at a hefty price tag. The power of these recruitment firms lies in a candidate database that allows them to search for and pick out resources who may be available. We need this to exist, but it’s about time that we shake it up to which we’d like to introduce you to Peple.

The Answer

We are a search engine for active job seekers in your area. We provide the tools needed to find the right people at the right time. We empower you to take an active role in finding the people you need. You can search and filter from active job seekers in your area – based on how far the job seeker is willing to travel for a job – identifying interesting and available people, sending them a message and making great connections. Peple takes the power of the recruiter’s candidate databases and puts it in the hands of everyday people.

We believe that finding the help you need should be as easy as doing an internet search, allowing anyone to ask who is available in your area looking for work who can do x, y, and z.

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